Who Are We? About Us - ScholaScope


ScholaScope is a Canadian educational technology company founded in 2021, in Mississauga Ontario. The platform aims to revolutionize the Universities/Colleges admissions system. It offers an AI-powered search engine that helps match students with their most suitable advertised opportunity.

It is a platform that is geared to students who are seeking post-secondary education, Undergraduates and Postgraduates from all over the world, universities, and colleges that are actively recruiting international students. As applying to universities is a hectic process, ScholaScope makes it easier for both parties.

ScholaScope’s main purpose is to make the process of applying for universities, and admitting students to universities easier, where students can create one last application and save it as their profile while universities can advertise their opportunities on the platform and receive applications internally (easy apply), or externally.

Now ScholaScope operates with the mission of creating a path between the right opportunities to be presented to the best-fit students. The educational institute would no longer need a third agent or marketing on different channels to reach their students, will they have direct contact with every education seeker around the world, all in one place, simple and with the variety of plans to match every want and need.


Check us out now! create your profile or advertise your opportunities. Democratize Educational Applications! www.scholascope.com