How can I filter what I want from opportunities?

In the opportunities tab you can filter the following: types of opportunity, Awarded country, Educational Institute, Major, Leven of education, and programs.  Note that you must be logged in to use all filters.

Can I connect with other students?

Yes, find students with the same interests, field, or school to get more information and learn from each other’s experiences.

Can I contact the educational institutes?

Yes, you can contact the educational institutes for any inquiry using the messages tab.

How can I apply for an opportunity?

By clicking the “apply” bottom located at the lower part of the opportunity, your application will be directly sent to the educational institute.

Do I need a different application every time I apply for an opportunity?

No, your profile is the application for all the opportunities on the website.  Make sure you fill and upload all the needed information and document.

What is ScholaScope?

A way to help students find scholarships and educational opportunities from all over the world without the need of third agents and without the need to create a different application every time, the student’s profile is the application for all opportunities that the platform offers.