How can I know the updates of an opportunity that I applied for?

You will receive a notification and an email of the status of the opportunity every time it updates.

Can I change my email once its registered?

No, the email you use to create your profile in the main point of contact of any opportunity  you’ll apply to through ScholaScope, make sure you use an email that you have access to all the time.

How can I edit my profile?

You can choose the edit option on the right side of your profile or navigate to settings.

Can I get a refund If I want to withdraw?

It depends on the educational institute’s policy.

Is getting accepted a sure thing?

No, it depends if you meet all the requirements for the applied opportunity and provided all the needed documents.

How can I know the Institute's response?

A notification and an email will reach you with the updated status “Accepted, In Progress or Denied” of any applied opportunity, when accepted you should receive an email of the acceptance letter.